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Dr.  Speshál Walker Gautier
a.k.a. “Dr. Spesh”
Owner of D.I.V.E. Therapy & Consulting

Dr. Spesh is a Yale-trained, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, with over a decade of experience in providing psychotherapy.  She has experience in treating a broad range of psychological problems but specializes in culturally informed therapy for anxiety, trauma-related stress (including PTSD), and relationship issues.  Dr. Spesh is a relational therapist at heart, meaning she deeply values the role of relationships and social connection in people's lives.  She integrates her relational style with scientifically backed psychotherapy approaches to help move people toward their goals.  In therapy, she often assists people in examining their relationship patterns and the ways they are impacted by their past experiences.  She enjoys helping people heal through past trauma and other types of emotional distress (e.g. anxiety, depression)  that interfere with their relationships with themselves and others.  Regardless of a person’s “diagnosis” or concern, a common theme in her work is helping people learn how to develop and sustain the types of relationships they desire whether platonic or romantic. 

Dr. Spesh has expertise in working with culturally diverse individuals (e.g. Black women and men, Ethnic/Racial minorities/People of Color, LGBTQ+ individuals) and identifies as a cis, straight, LGBTQ ally.  Her clinical and research background has specifically focused on trauma including combat and sexual trauma, women’s mental health, and individuals experiencing marginalization and/or minority stress. Over the years she has published peer-reviewed articles, blog posts, and given a number of workshops, presentations/trainings, and invited talks on these topics.  She is certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy, a gold standard, evidence-based treatment, shown to alleviate PTSD and symptoms of depression. She has worked in a number of inpatient and outpatient mental health settings over the years and previously led a Trauma, Stress, and Anxiety Treatment Track at a large Atlanta-based hospital.

Dr. Spesh has been featured in television and film documentaries  (VH1/BET, Antihero Productions) for her work and expertise. 

In her spare time, Dr. Spesh enjoys music and nearly anything outdoors.  When people ask what kind of music, the reply is always “good music.”  It can be a live musician or even recreating her favorite tunes via karaoke, one of her not-so-hidden talents.  Outdoors, she enjoys hiking, running, and perhaps most importantly patio dining. She left the northeast to escape the brutal winters and loves Atlanta for its warm weather, parks/trails, and countless festivals.  Her biggest gripe with Atlanta is being too far from the beach and the lack of enthusiasm for UConn basketball. 

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Dr. Spesh graduated Magna Cum Laude with her B.A. from the University of Connecticut where she double majored in psychology and women studies.  She earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at UMass Boston and was selected as an APA (American Psychological Association) Minority Fellowship Program Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Fellow. She completed her doctoral internship at Yale University School of Medicine where she focused on community mental health treatment and providing training and consultation in areas of mental health and diversity inclusion.  She completed her Postdoctoral Fellowship at West Haven VA-Yale School of Medicine in CT where she continued this work as a Psychosocial Rehabilitation-LGBT Health Fellow.


Dr. Spesh is a member of American Psychological Association (APA), Georgia Psychological Association (GPA) and the International Centre for Excellence in Emotion Focused Therapy. She previously served on the GPA Board of Directors as the Diversity Directorate, Chair of Ethnic Minority Affairs.  Additionally, she has served on the Initial Review Committee for APA’s Minority Fellowship Program.


Dr. Spesh is currently licensed to practice in Georgia and New York.  Additionally, she is authorized to practice via telethealth in a number of states via PSYPACT offering accessibility across the country.  See the Telehealth tab for more information. 

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