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Vacancy: Provisionally-Licensed or Licensed Psychologist 

This is a part-time, 1099, hybrid position (remote and in-office) with a focus on psychotherapy and psychiatric assessment. The office is located in Star Metals, a trendy, West Midtown building with wonderful amenities. Desirable candidates will have strong intervention and diagnostic assessment skills. A strong background and/or interest in working with culturally diverse patient populations is required. PSYPACT eligibility is a plus. 

This is a great fit for clinicians interested in training/experience in conducting C&P evaluations (disability evaluations for military Veterans) and/or looking for flexible, p/t, private practice work with a psychologist committed to supporting their clinical and professional development.  To apply, complete the form below and send your CV and statement of interest to Contact@DivebyDrSpesh.Com with the subject “DIVE Psychologist Applicant.” 

Vacancy:  Psychology intern 

Desirable candidates are undergraduate psychology, marketing, or related majors/minors interested in shadowing a Clinical Psychologist and assisting with a social media account emphasizing Black women and relationships.  The estimated time commitment is 5- 10 hrs per week with virtual and in-person opportunities available.  To apply, complete the form below and send your resume and/or statement of interest to Contact@DivebyDrSpesh.Com with the subject “DIVE Psychology Intern Applicant.” This is an unpaid internship. 

Please indicate your availability for patient appointments:

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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